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Optoelectronics LED

Optoelectronics use light and electronic technologies to deliver input or output to video displays or PCBs. They detect or emit light at particular wavelengths. Image sensors, image detectors, light-emitters, laser diodes, etc. are some common optoelectronic components. Explore the comprehensive range of branded optoelectronic led components at PartsMine. Check out devices from brands like Luxeon, Allen Bradley, Dialight Dialco, and others. Get components that enable pixels to show on a video display in the LED panels. Some panels or devices need dual color display functions, for which dual color LED components are useful. A more advanced use of these parts is in the form of UV LED for water treatment, optical data storage, etc. Find the right device one from the range of these optoelectronics. Shop now. Your order ships quick with an estimated delivery time of 3 business days or less.

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