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Electromechanical Switches

Electromechanical switches are used to modify the routing of current flow in the electronic and electrical circuits. Such a switch can easily break a circuit and hence are also called micro switches because of their superfast operating speed. There are different types of electromechanical switches, such as a push button switch, toggle switch, slider switch, rocker switch, and others, named according to their functional form factors. For example, a rotary switch has a rotating spindle. It contacts the terminal using an outward projected arm. It controls the main contact by rotating the handle. In contrast, there are types based on function as well, such as the reed switch, which uses the flow of electricity to operate. This switch is part of the magnetic circuit. Check out the complete range of electromechanical switches at PartsMine. Choose from brands like Honeywell, Square D, Hamlin, NKK Switches, Centralab, Archer, Pace, etc. Shop for high-quality components now. Your order ships quick with an estimated delivery time of 3 business days or less.

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