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Inductors, Chokes, Coils

Inductors, Chokes, Coils

A fixed inductor is an electronic component designed to store energy in the form of a magnetic field. 
It is made up of thin wire coils that can create a stable and powerful field, allowing it to act as both a filter or regenerative elements in various circuits. Fixed inductors can be used for smoothing out power-supply ripple, limiting current/voltage signals, providing voltage gain and filtering noise from signals. 
Common applications include power supplies, audio equipment, RF amplifiers, medical imaging devices and more.

A choke is an electronic component designed to reduce the flow of alternating current (AC). 
It works by using an inductor to create an opposition forces to AC, thus limiting the amount of current that can pass through. Chokes are able to minimize radiations in a circuit, and can be used for impedance matching, power line filtering and DC isolation. 
Common applications include controlling the speed of a motor, smoothing out power supply ripple and eliminating noise from signals in audio equipment.

A coil is an electronic component composed of a wire or set of wires wound onto a cylinder-shaped core. 
Coils are able to create powerful and stable magnetic fields, which make them widely used in many applications. Common uses include transformers, electric motors, generators, relays and antennas. 
By connecting a coil to an alternating current source, it can also act as a filter to reduce the amount of noise from signals by blocking unwanted frequencies.

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