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Resistors are the passive, two-component electrical devices that offer resistance in an electronic circuit. A resistor adjusts the signal level, reduces the flow of the electrical current, and divides the voltage. It also ends the transmission lines and is used to provide bias to active elements. It is a critical component for regulating the electrical current in the electronic circuitry. A wirewound resistor type uses conductive wire to limit the current flow. The wire is made of alloy and its thickness varies as per its resistance value. Another type is a carbon film resistor which offers a fixed value resistance. It has ceramic components and a thin film of pure carbon. Among these all, the most common axial type is a metal film resistor. It has a non-conductive body with a thin metal layer over it. It is more stable and accurate in comparison to the carbon film type. Explore the complete range of resistors at PartsMine. Check out products from brands like Dale, Vishay, Welwyn, RCT, etc. Shop today. Your order ships quick with an estimated delivery time of 3 business days or less.

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