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Semiconductor Thyristors

Semiconductor thyristors, the three-terminal four-layered devices, are highly useful in applications with high voltages and currents. The thyristor acts as a switch and controls the electric current as well as the power. Choose from a wide range of different types of thyristor at PartsMine. Check out reverse conducting, emitter turn off, gate turn off, silicon controlled, MOS thyristors, etc. Bidirectional thyristors, a relatively modern concept for high power integration with a unique silicon wafer, are also available from a number of brands, such as New Jersey Semiconductor, Motorola, and RCA. In this type, the triacs are no longer necessary in the application. Choose from different capacities, such as 8A, 200V and 800mA, 100V sets. Your order ships quick with an estimated delivery time of 3 business days or less. Get your orders for premium quality semiconductor thyristors now.

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