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An electric fuse is basically a safety mechanism that protects different kinds of electrical devices from short circuits and damages caused by an unchecked power surge. The fuse opens the circuit whenever there is an issue of overcurrent and hence safeguards the overall equipment. Usually, during such an overload, the fuse is destroyed in the process, but the equipment remains secure. A common type of this component is the glass fuse that is used in low-voltage appliances, circuit boards, and lighting applications, with specifications below 300V AC. This essential component comes in the form of a resettable fuse as well. It is essentially a polymeric positive temperature coefficient. It is used as a passive electronic component. It is also known as a polyfuse, polyswitch, or multifuse. Check out the comprehensive range of fuses at PartsMine. Shop from brands like LittelFuse, Tyco, Bussmann FNM, etc. Your order ships quick with an estimated delivery time of 3 business days or less.

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