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Vintage Vacuum Tubes

Vintage Vacuum Tubes

Buy Vintage Vacuum Tubes Online

Vacuum tubes are electronic components that use a vacuum to control the flow of electrons. Vacuum tubes can be used in a variety of applications, such as providing amplification or switching in analog circuits and radio frequency systems. They can also be used as amplifiers in audio equipment and as rectifiers in power supplies, or to generate oscillations in oscillators. Furthermore, vacuum tubes are widely employed for communications applications such as television receivers, radio transmitters, and radar systems.

  • Vintage Raytheon 25CD6G Beam Pentode Vacuum Tube  - Ships quick from PartsMine.com


    Vintage Raytheon 25CD6G Beam Pentode Vacuum Tube - FF20116

    Product Condition: This vintage vacuum tube Tested ‘Good’ at approximately 90. Box is a bit beat up,  Perfect for restoration projects or as a collector's item? Product Description: Model: 25CD6G Type: Beam Pentode Vacuum Tube Brand:...

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