Our Story

A long time ago as a curious kid (our boss John) took his bike apart… That bike never got put back together.  But it revealed a real talent for taking stuff apart to see how they work.  Demanufacturing scientific equipment and machinery eventually lead to a passion for ‘all things surplus.’  Mix surplus technology, taking things apart with his mantra of ‘Helping people do great things’ and you get what our parent company, Obtainium Science & Industry Surplus, is all about.

Obtainium Science & Industry Surplus or ‘Obtainium’ for short has been in business for nearly 20 years. Through all that time John continues to accumulate a good deal of surplus and new-old-stock electronic parts.  PartsMine is the latest addition to the Obtainium family.

At PartsMine our eclectic inventory is growing nearly every day with unique pieces and parts that are often hard to find, some even dating back to the 60’s.  When looking for spares, vintage IC’s or analogs, you have come to the right place.  PartsMine is perfect for designers, educators, collectors, hobbyists… you get the picture.

Everything we have here is priced fair and honest, with no minimums or fine print.  And just as important, we promise you top-notch customer service and same day shipping – satisfaction guaranteed.

To sum it up, we hope PartsMine will become a valuable resource if you need hard to find (and some not-so-hard-to-find) electronic parts and supplies.  We have a unique and eclectic selection that’s in-stock and ready-to-go with fair prices, fast shipping and a great attitude.

Thanks for checking us out!