Motorola JFET JFET N-Channel 10mA 300mW 2mW R21002

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Product Overview

Mounting Style: Through Hole
Transistor Polarity: N-Channel
Forward Transconductance - Min: 1000 uS
Configuration: Single

The JFET is a voltage-controlled current source, or a voltage-controlled resistor. It has three terminals: Gate, Drain, and Source. The Gate-Source voltage controls the current flowing through either the Drain-Source or the Drain-Gate terminals. The JFET is a very high impedance device, and is used as a voltage-controlled resistor to buffer the input to integrated circuit logic and as a gain-controlled current source in amplifier circuits.
The JFET is a solid-state semiconductor device, and is very similar in function to a conventional FET (field-effect transistor), but with the addition of an internal layer of p-n junction material between the source and drain.
The JFET is not a dependent device like bipolar transistors, so it needs no biasing (direct current).