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SN74LS08N Motorola Quad 2-Input AND Gate, DIP-14 - J22050


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Product Overview

The SN74LS08N is an integrated circuit (IC) that consists of four independent 2-input AND gates. An AND gate is a digital logic gate that performs a logical AND operation on two binary inputs. The output of an AND gate is 1 only if both inputs are 1, otherwise the output is 0. The SN74LS08N is part of the 74LS family of ICs, which are low-power Schottky TTL (LSTTL) devices. The "LS" in the part number stands for "low power Schottky," and the "TTL" stands for "transistor-transistor logic." The "74" prefix indicates that the IC is a member of the 74xx series of TTL devices, and the "08" indicates that the IC contains four AND gates. The "N" suffix indicates that the IC is packaged in a plastic DIP (dual in-line package). The SN74LS08N is a common type of IC that is used in a wide range of digital electronics applications, including computer systems, communication systems, and industrial control systems. It is a widely available and inexpensive IC that is easy to use and reliable.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review