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AT&T T7220PC Integrated Circuit in DIP-28 Package - Legacy Network Device


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Product Overview

Product Condition: Used, clean, and in excellent cosmetic condition.

  • Part Number: AT&T T7220PC
  • Package Type: DIP-28
  • Condition: Used, with no visible defects
  • Application: Potentially suited for legacy 10-base ethernet devices
  • Shipping: Same business day dispatch for orders before 2 PM

The AT&T T7220PC is an integrated circuit housed in a DIP-28 package, previously utilized in what appears to have been a legacy ethernet device. This component, though used, is in clean and excellent cosmetic condition, making it a valuable find for those looking to repair or restore vintage network equipment.

This chip is an enigmatic piece of technology history, likely serving a critical role in the operation of early network devices. While its specific functions may require further exploration, its clean condition and preservation suggest it holds potential for various applications in the realm of vintage computing and networking.

Engineers, technicians, and hobbyists interested in legacy networking technology will find the AT&T T7220PC an intriguing addition to their projects. Whether for repair, restoration, or exploration of historical network devices, this chip offers a glimpse into the technological advancements of the past. Secure your piece of tech history today.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review