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NIM BIN Crate Backplane Assembly for Series 264, Rev. 4 - B23020


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Series 264, Rev. 4
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Product Overview

  • Model & Brand: Ortec NIM BIN Crate Backplane Assembly for Series 264, Rev. 4.
  • Condition: Pre-owned, meticulously inspected. Noteworthy: A cracked wiring harness connector (refer to listed photos).
  • Components: Comprises twelve AMP NIM BIN connections.
  • Power Supply Details: Originally from an Ortec Series 264, Rev. 4 power supply. Supported voltages: +-12VDC & +-24VDC.
  • Origin: Proudly made in the USA.
  • Shipping: Professionally packaged with a commitment to ship on the same business day for swift delivery.

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The NIM BIN Crate: A Hub of Scientific Endeavors

Definition and Background

The NIM BIN crate, standing for Nuclear Instrumentation Module Binary, is a highly sophisticated apparatus designed to be the hosting environment for a range of modular instrumentation utilized in groundbreaking scientific research. Its development marked a significant stride in the standardization of nuclear measurement instrumentation, enhancing efficiency, and interchangeability among nuclear physicists and engineers globally.


Delve into the core functionalities and applications of this essential tool in various critical fields:

  1. Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments:

    • Pulse Height Analysis: This is a technique where the crate helps in categorizing the radiation according to their energy levels, a critical function in nuclear physics.
    • Signal Amplification and Conditioning: The crate is home to modules that are designed to amplify and shape electronic signals, making it a haven for clear and precise readings.
  2. Medical Instrumentation:

    • Radiological Imaging: In the medical field, NIM BIN crates play a crucial role in advancing technologies such as MRI and CT scanners by housing the components necessary for precise image analysis and data acquisition.
  3. Research Laboratories:

    • Multi-Disciplinary Research: From chemistry labs to physics halls, the NIM BIN crate facilitates a range of experiments by offering a standardized system, which effectively removes the barriers to cross-disciplinary research.
    • Education and Training: Educational institutions leverage NIM BIN crates to teach budding scientists about the principles of nuclear physics and other related fields.


Explore who employs this technology and how it facilitates innovations across diverse spheres:

  1. Particle Physicists: Engaged in the pursuit of understanding the most fundamental constituents of the universe, these professionals leverage NIM BIN crates to house the electronic interfaces necessary for their critical experiments.
  2. Medical Researchers: These individuals are often at the forefront of pioneering research, employing the modular nature of NIM crates to enhance diagnostic accuracy and innovative medical technologies.
  3. Technical Universities: Here, the NIM BIN crate serves as a practical tool for helping students grasp complex concepts through hands-on experience, fostering the next generation of scientific pioneers.


The NIM BIN crate, a cornerstone in the infrastructure of modern scientific research, continues to foster innovation, acting as the silent yet essential backbone of numerous pioneering undertakings across various scientific realms. With its standardized framework, it facilitates an environment of compatibility and efficiency, embodying the collaborative spirit of scientific advancement. It stands as a testimony to human ingenuity, enabling discoveries that push the boundaries of our understanding of the natural world.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review