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H7557 Emergency Lighting Shatter Resistant Light Bulb PAR36 C-6 12v - A22021

NLI / Norman Lamps, Inc.

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NLI / Norman Lamps, Inc.
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Product Overview

This incandescent, sealed-beam, 12 Volt DC, 12 Watt, GE 12720 replacement light bulb features NLI's proprietary silicone elastomeric safety coating.

Light bulbs with a shatter-resistant coating keep glass and bulb pieces from spilling out if they break or burst.

With NLI (Norman Lamps, Inc.) Tuff-Coat silicone coating, these bulbs are ideal for situations in which bulb shattering and glass shards pose a hazard: food processing, bare feet, material contamination, etc.

Light bulbs that are shatter-resistant are also used in areas susceptible to shaking or impact, such as railway systems and freight elevators.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review