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Allen Bradley Overload Relay, 592-BOV16 Series A - P22052

Allen Bradley

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Allen Bradley
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Product Overview

New, old stock, clean and in excellent condition. Missing original box and documentation.

  • Volts AC: 120-600
  • Make: 7200VA
  • Break 720A
  • NEMA A600
  • Made in USA

The Allen Bradley 592-BOV16 Overload Relay is a protective device that monitors the current flowing through an electrical circuit and automatically disconnects the circuit if the current exceeds a predetermined level. It helps to prevent damage to electrical equipment and reduce the risk of electrical fires. The 592-BOV16 is a member of the Series A family of overload relays and is specifically designed for use with motor control applications. It is a reliable and durable device that can help ensure your electrical systems safe and efficient operation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review