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Merit Shank Mounted Flap Wheel, 3/4"x3/4"x1/8", 120 Grit, Grind-O-Flex MiniWheel, 08834137592 - W22031

Merit Abrasives

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Merit Abrasives
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Product Overview

3/4" Diameter, 3/4" Face Width, 1/8" Shank, 120 Grit, 35000 RPM, Aluminum Oxide.

Merit flapper wheels for grinders shape to fit any contour, even a compound radius. It's designed for die grinders, portable drills, and air tools. Work with metal, blend welds, deburr, clean, and finish - this is what a flapper wheel is used for!

An epoxy core is permanently mounted on a hardened steel mandrel. With the flaps wearing away, fresh abrasive is exposed, resulting in a consistent finish and effective cutting. It fits a lot of shapes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review