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Inductors, Chokes, Coils

Explore a complete range of inductors/chokes/coils at PartsMine. This two-terminal passive component is also known as a reactor. Its primary use is to store energy in a magnetic field wherein the electricity flows through it. Most of the inductors have an insulated electrical coil wire design. Inductors, chokes, or coils produce direct current (DC). Choose from brands like J.W. Miller, Bourns, Coto, Sumida, Archer, CoilCraft, Superworld Electronics, etc. The range includes different types of inductors — a fixed inductor is one in which the inductance is always the same. It can have an air core, ferrite core, or iron core. The coil is usually made of a high conducting material. Another type of choke is called the SMD power inductor. It is used for DC to DC conversions. It works on the mechanism of buck-boost model, i.e., low to high and high to low input voltage. Shop for premium quality inductors, chokes, and coils now. Your order ships quick with an estimated delivery time of 3 business days or less.

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