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Genuine Waukesha 118520-C Heavy Duty Engine Coolant Thermostat - A23073

Waukesha Dresser

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Waukesha Dresser
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Product Overview

This thermostat is unused and is classified as new, old stock and was made in the USA. It is clean and in excellent condition.

Replacement gaskets and seals are not included.

The thermostat is a genuine Waukesha / Dresser Brand part. This classification stands as a testament to its high manufacturing standards and overall quality. The thermostat operates with a top by-pass design. This design contributes to efficient coolant regulation, a critical factor for maintaining optimal engine operation and lifespan.

This specification affords buyers the opportunity to source these components independently, in alignment with their unique engine requirements.

The Waukesha 118520-C thermostat is compatible with Case 930, 6-Cylinder 377 engine models.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review