Intel A80502166 Pentium CPU 166MHz Microprocessor with Heatsink - R21076

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Used, untested - nice museum piece. Blue anodized heatsink included - one heatsink fin is slightly bent (refer to photos).


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The Pentium was a family of microprocessors produced by intel corporation between 1993 and 1998.

The Pentium is an x86 microprocessor produced by intel corporation. It was first introduced on 1993-01-01, and it had made its name as the chip that "put intel ahead of the competition". The Pentium's distinguishing features are its superscalar architecture (able to execute two instructions during a clock cycle) and its sophisticated branch prediction capabilities.

The Pentium cpu (central processing unit) is a chip that acts as the central command center for a computer, where most calculations take place. Intel Pentium processors were some of the first widely used processors in home and office computers. The Pentium CPU was known for its speedy calculations compared to other processors in the early 1990s.

Intel Corporation also produced Pentium compatible chips called Pentium pro, Pentium ii, Pentium iii, Pentium, Pentium 4.