Vulcan 00-719951-00042 OEM LP/Propane Gas Brass Hood Orifice - R21082

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An altitude-dependent hood orifice in a burner venturi helps regulate propane flow for optimal combustion.


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"Does your home not feel like a home without the heavenly scent of food cooking on the warming glow of a superior Vulcan cooking appliance? Do colors come to life as the gas jets produce that delightful blue flicker against those cold, barren walls? It can be difficult to retain that traditionalistic ambience with today’s modern conveniences. The Genuine OEM Vulcan LP/Propane Gas Brass Hood Orifice will breathe new life into an otherwise lackluster experience! Simply install at the end of your venturi pipe line for astounding enhanced performance. You know what they say- if it looks good, smells good, and feels good...probably even tastes good too! But don't take our word for it-- experience it for yourself!"